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  • 500 KHz experimenten

    Gepost op 19 januari 2010 | 10:42 PA5AP Geen reacties

    Peer, PA2PBT hoorde op 1 januari 2010 op 503 KHz de eerste verbinding van PA0A met G3KVD om c.a. 00.15 uur lokale tijd. Dat is ook meteen een First tussen PA en G3 land.
    Op de site van PA0A lees je de meeste info die op dit moment beschikbaar is op het gebied van 500 Khz.


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    1. 630m & Solar Eclipse: PA0A into GM3YXM and G3XKR
      Today’s triple play of spring equinox, new moon and solar eclipse featured some suggestive 630m activity in UK/N.EU on the WSPR database. More details below.
      Others may have or recognize info I missed, so other posts are invited. See the RSGB reflector also about the eclipse.
      73, Jim Hollander W5EST, Little Rock, Arkansas, USA.

      Congratulations to Albert PA0A! His 2w sent 50% TxPct WSPR (every other 2 minute time slots) 705km into Scotland-based GM3YXM, who decoded a W-shaped PA0A SNR sequence of [-2, -2, -2, -2, -4, -4, +1, -4, -1, -1, -2, -2] in the time interval 0918-1002Z today 3/20/2015. Solar eclipse maximum occurred in Glasgow 0934Z and Amsterdam 0938Z.
      0936Z was about the time of solar eclipse maximum at the single-hop midpath center point over the North Sea. The midpath would also be midway between points on either side of it where single-hop PA0A signal would have penetrated the D-layer on ascent and descent. The SNR peak +1dB of PA0A WSPR SNR at GM3YXM occurred in the 0942Z time slot, about 6 minutes later than 0936. No change in PA0A frequency 475.718 registered at GM3YXM.
      G3XKR at 763km in Devon also decoded a W-shaped PA0A SNR sequence of [-12, -12, -11, -13, -13, -15, -9, -14, -14, -13, -11, -12, -11,-15, -19, -11, -10] between 0914-0946 in the listing time interval 0906-1010Z. Solar eclipse maximum occurred in Plymouth 0925Z and Amsterdam 0938Z.
      0932Z was about the time of the solar eclipse maximum at the PA0A/G3XKR single-hop midpath center point over the North Sea near the English Channel. The SNR peak -9dB of PA0A WSPR SNR at G3XKR occurred in the 0930Z time slot. No change in PA0A frequency 475.715 registered at G3XKR.
      Compare today’s info with 2-6dB-high W-shapes observed during a 1999 solar eclipse involving 5-minute moving average signal at 75KHz and 183KHz LF reported for 1 TX and 4 RX stations at 470-762km distances away. See PA3BSH (2001) (scroll 20% for observations, scroll half-way for simulation).
      A possibly contrary observation: G3YXM 555km 630m decodes of PA0A 0906-0950Z were steady at -3dB WSPR SNR through the 0930Z eclipse maximum at Worcester, except for -2dB at 0918Z. Possibly, weak ground wave favored by the salt-water North Sea path may have obscured the eclipse effect at the modest 555 km distance.
      On 80m, the WSPR database showed epiphanies of numerous 80m signals at 800km and longer distances from UK. I didn’t check WSPR info at shorter distances.
      This 630m eclipse-suggestive info has no counterpart on the LF WSPR database nor 160m WSPR database. LF had too little activity. 160m had some singletons around eclipse time but nothing really eclipse-convincing. 40m and up showed nothing easily discernible to me as eclipse-related, given the continual daytime WSPR activity anyway.

      Not-pertinent: The 630m WSPR database today shows 3/20/15 0850-1138Z mid-morning reception of the distinct Netherlands station 0.5 watt PA0O into GM3YXM 723km and into G3XKR 787km today. No peak around the solar eclipse shows up on the database for that reception mostly because the TxPct duty cycle was low and the solar eclipse occurred in a 20 minute gap between 0934Z to 0956Z. G8AGN’s decodes of PA0A ended 0934 prior to the eclipse max there.
      PE1RKT reception around the solar eclipse shows nothing unusual. Receptions by F1AFJ and PA3ABK/2 ended before, or show no spots, on the database around the solar eclipse.

    2. Congratulations to all involved in last night’s trans-atlantic (TA) WSPR activity! 73, Jim H W5EST

      On 630m, the action between New England and EU/UK was relatively clustered in time. Reception moved westward from Germany to France and then to England and Spain.

      In a 630m propagation event spanning one-half hour 0358-0428Z only, German stations DH5RAE and DJ0ABR derived all their WSPR decodes of WG2XKA and WG2XPJ. Both DH5RAE and DJ0ABR registered some peaking about 0410Z in WG2XKA SNRs. A total of 8 USA station decodes registered in Germany–3 at DH5RAE and 5 at DJ0ABR. Two-way pairing of decodes between WG2XKA and DH5RAE included 0414Z DH5RAE into WG2XKA, bracketed by 0410 and 0418 decodes of WG2XKA at DH5RAE.

      A little later at 0428 and 0436Z, a pair of WG2XKA decodes registered in France at F1AFJ.

      Still later at 0436-0518Z, G3XKR in southwest UK had four WG2XKA decodes with no obvious SNR peaking.

      0418-0526Z marked a more spread-out event set of 6 decodes of WG2XKA into Spain’s EA1FAQ. These decodes lacked any obvious SNR peak too. The time-spreading suggests a North-South aspect to this 630m event as well.

      SFI: 122 A-index: 13 K-Index: 2
      No unusual SFI departures have occurred, with SFI in a range 120-124 last four days April 1-4.
      Geomagnetic index and aurora don’t look unusual.
      A full moon and a lunar eclipse occurred today April 4: start 0901z, to 1200z total, to 1459Z end

      2200m showed unusual activity last night including a trans-atlantic crossing from Germany to USA.
      LF: W1TAG hearing DK7FC 137.610 0030-0400z 6 spots -36 to -38dB.
      UA4WPF 137.616 2300, 2346z into EW6BN, G3XKR, RN3AGC, SM2DJK, SP5XSB, SV8RV-1, SV8RV-4, UA0SNV, UW8SM.

      160m had a good night last night. 160m has shown several good nights recently involving trans-Pacific and trans-Atlantic decodes.
      160m: VK7DIK/P hearing K3KQV. VK2KRR hearing K3KQV, K9AN, K9PAW, KL7L, VE6OG, WB5WPA. K3KQV into DK6UG, F59706, F6GEJ, G0KTN, G4BOO, G4PMB, HA5EAR, IK1NET, S57MK, SM6WZI. N2NOM hearing G4BOO. N2NOM into DO4HRE, F59706, G4BOO. K9AN KC9NBV into F59706. K9PAW hearing RJ5DOC, K9PAW into F59706.

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